[SELF(fish) • Opening Live Installation]

The interactive installation called “SELF(fish)” will be the simultaneous opening of the Video Art Festival Pop Up Kino and the GlogauAIR Open Studios on Friday, the 9th of December 2016.

The 10th edition of Pop up Kino will be the guest event in the frame of the last open studios of this year at GlogauAIR (Berlin), a space where artists from different disciplines collaborate through artistic residencies and show their ongoing works in the open studios every three months.

SELF(fish) | Opening Live Installation | Curated by Ana Márquez and Anna Corpas

SELF(fish) is the symbiotic outcome of the three art pieces created by Sara Ferrer, Irene Cruz and Matthieu Ranc. This kind of oniric exploration invites us to do a reflection on the unconscious state of the society.

During the sleep, humans go through an unconscious phase, which leads to a state of absolute vulnerability, when everything around us fades into the background. In this stage, we are not even able to react to external stimulus. In this ingenious installation, a symbiotic complementarity can be seen between the three disciplines.

Sara Ferrer express this idea through the allusion to fishes, with the intention of returning to the origin of species, to that period when all animals were aquatic organisms. Irene Cruz wants to take us through video art to a non-palpable onirical world tinted in a bluish, faint and transcendental light, aiming to reconnect us with nature and therefore our origins. Last but not least, Matthieu Ranc will guide us to a moment of trance with his live music performance by using synthetic sounds and creating loops, destroying with this all organic basis.


About Pop Up Kino

Pop up Kino in an international video art festival organized by Nati Grund, Irene Cruz and Ana Sanfrutos and has taken place in many cities of the world simultaneously. The festival was born to give visibility to the Berlin video art scene and give artists all over the world the opportunity to show their creations. Besides Berlin, it has been shown so far in Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris and Castellón.

In this edition they invited artists like Joas Nebe, 451 Productions, Rubén González Escudero, Irene Cruz and Juan Yuste.

Life Made Art, Art Made from Life

The controversial affirmation of Oscar Wilde  “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” appeared in an essay written in 1889 called “The Decay of Lying” where Wilde proposed his anti-mimesis theory. We also find artistic practices where life and art are inseparable, like in the biographical art of artist Tracy Emin: she uses her life as foundation for her art.

If we look at how modern consumer culture works, it is clear that we use art to create our personalities. We use films, social media, TV, etc to shape an image of ourselves. Each generation builds its own world frame to interpret reality. In this edition of Pop Up Kino we are looking for all kinds of video art projects (conceptual, animation, experimental) that address the topic “Life”.

– Words of Nati Grund –


Festival: 9th – 10th December 2016 in GlogauAIR Berlin

Opening: 9th December 2016 @ 19 h



Friday, December 9th // 19:00 – 24:00

20:00 // SELF(fish)

PopUp Kino // Opening Live Installation

21:00 // The ‘O’ Zone

Clark Beaumont // Performance

21:30 // SELF(fish)

PopUp Kino // Opening Live Installation

Saturday, December 10th // 16:00 – 22:00

16:30 // Humour is a serious matter // Artist Talk

Annelies Kamen, Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton

18:00 // The ‘O’ Zone

Clark Beaumont // Performance

18:30 – 22:00 // Pop Up Kino Open Call

Screening + Presentation